BEYOND EPIC: Europe/CIS and China

Online tournament presented by Epic Esports Events

Teams on event: 20

GPM 5487015334 986SAG.圣子华炼God-King-SzhL antimage Anti-Mage
XPM 5481068306 1, broodmother Broodmother
Kills 5473699698 23NiP.Supream^ monkey_king Monkey King
Deaths 5487703442 17Nigma.Gh earth_spirit Earth Spirit
Assists 5487703442 40FTM.ALOHADANCE bane Bane
KDA with 0 deaths 5473908604 38Nigma.Miracle- ember_spirit Ember Spirit
KDA with 1+ deaths 5486386513 37VP.No[o]ne- queenofpain Queen of Pain
Gold Earned 5490651026 60,401Nigma.Miracle- ursa Ursa
Last hits 5487015334 876SAG.圣子华炼God-King-SzhL antimage Anti-Mage
Damage to heroes 5490651026 94,638Secret.Nisha drow_ranger Drow Ranger
Damage to buildings 5490555360 24,287Secret.Nisha morphling Morphling
Hero healing 5490555360 30,841Nigma.Gh wisp Io
Damage taken from heroes 5490651026 95,324Nigma.Miracle- ursa Ursa
Efficiency on lane 5490431444 1.15Secret.MATUMBAMAN broodmother Broodmother
Observer wards placed 5490651026 29Nigma.KuroKy windrunner Windranger
Sentries placed 5490651026 45Nigma.KuroKy windrunner Windranger
Obs Wards destroyed 5476746876 enchantress Enchantress
Map pings 5472760313 348Liquid.m`iCKe mirana Mirana
Stuns 5486386513 267.83OG.Saksa nyx_assassin Nyx Assassin
Couriers killed by a player 5483434142 7Secret.Puppey weaver Weaver
Couriers killed in match 5490651026 13
Roshan kills in match 5490651026 6
Networth stomp by a team 5483434142 42,388
Networth comeback by a team 5476850999 10,443
Closest match 5484449542 4,813
Longest match 5490651026 1:15:01
Shortest match 5483572404 17:10
Kills Combined 5472581443 89
Bloodbath 5486528160 2.32
Player with Widest Hero Pool 13Secret.zai
Player with Smallest Hero Pool 2Aster.ChYuan
Team with Widest Hero Pool 45Nigma (Nigma)
Team with Smallest Hero Pool 14Team Aster (Aster)
This section contains data about highest or lowest values across all matches.