🆕 The International 10 Teams Overview

Competitive season 2020-2021

Competitive stats for tier 1/2 events in Sep 2020 - Sep 2021 season (teams/players data is limited)

Median match duration: 34.9000

This graph represents how often heroes were picked together. Bolder line means more matches in pair, bigger node means hero was picked more often. Color of a node or an edge represents winrate, red being closer to 0%, blue being closer to 100% and grey being around 50%. Minimum match count for a pair is set to 93.
Meta graph includes only top 20% of hero pairs, also including top 35% of contested heroes, with or without a pair. For more detailed hero picks overview, look over "Picks and Bans" or "Draft" tab. Team specific meta graphs can be found in teams' profiles.