Divine 5 Meta Trends - Patch 7.08

Hero statistics for matches on high divine 5 rank

Total buybacks: 8537

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This is automatically generated report for custom league Divine 5 Meta Trends - Patch 7.08 — Hero statistics for matches on high divine 5 rank.
There were 2640 matches played. 7900 players participated in this event.
All matches were played on 7.08 patch. 2329 matches were played in All Draft gamemode. 1219 matches were played on Europe West servers.
First match was played on 10:30:09 1 Feb 2018.
Last match was played on 09:12:23 15 Feb 2018.

Matches per day

Random stats
Players in league7900
Heroes contested115
Heroes picked115
Heroes banned115
Radiant winrate51.9318
Dire winrate48.0682
Total creeps murdered4001375
Total observer wards planted72401
Total observer wards destroyed14998
Total couriers killed1809
Total roshans killed3364
Total buybacks8537
Average match duration34:41
HeroMatchesContest RateRankPickedWinrateBannedWinrate
bounty_hunterBounty Hunter119445.23%100.0096356.39%23153.68%
dark_willowDark Willow46617.65%98.2634956.73%11758.12%
faceless_voidFaceless Void52820.00%96.5243055.81%9847.96%
obsidian_destroyerOutworld Devourer89633.94%95.6571752.30%17950.28%
Most picked heroes
Hero Mtchs Picked WR
shadow_shaman Shadow Shaman118297549.54%
bounty_hunter Bounty Hunter119496356.39%
nevermore Shadow Fiend112690446.90%
tinker Tinker98775551.39%
tiny Tiny87972150.07%
Most banned heroes
Hero Mtchs Banned WR
tinker Tinker 987 232 48.28%
bounty_hunter Bounty Hunter 1194 231 53.68%
nevermore Shadow Fiend 1126 222 45.95%
shadow_shaman Shadow Shaman 1182 207 52.66%
obsidian_destroyer Outworld Devourer 896 179 50.28%

Heroes uncontested: 2

Stage 1 of Picks
Hero Matches WR
bounty_hunter Bounty Hunter 801 55.68%
shadow_shaman Shadow Shaman 658 48.94%
tusk Tusk 538 50.74%
rubick Rubick 400 53.00%
rattletrap Clockwerk 355 51.27%
Stage 3 of Picks
Hero Matches WR
obsidian_destroyer Outworld Devourer 266 57.52%
queenofpain Queen of Pain 219 52.51%
nevermore Shadow Fiend 219 47.03%
tinker Tinker 206 45.63%
juggernaut Juggernaut 156 50.64%
Favorite pairs (Deviation)
Hero 1Hero 2MatchesWinrateExpected matchesDeviationPercentageSame lane rate
nevermoreShadow FiendrattletrapClockwerk16352.76%96.39266.60840.86%36.81%
tinkerTinkerbounty_hunterBounty Hunter19357.51%137.70255.29828.65%45.60%
disruptorDisruptornaga_sirenNaga Siren6349.21%33.93129.06946.14%28.57%
omniknightOmniknightobsidian_destroyerOutworld Devourer8258.54%55.67626.32432.10%0.00%
tinkerTinkerfaceless_voidFaceless Void8562.35%61.48723.51327.66%0.00%
shadow_shamanShadow ShamanlycanLycan8856.82%65.36922.63125.72%55.68%
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