DreamLeague Leipzig Major

Dota 2 Pro Circuit Major LAN event (Season 2019-2020)

Total roshans killed: 202

GPM 5206249071 893Liquid.m`iCKe naga_siren Naga Siren
XPM 5206073243 902bc.k1 bloodseeker Bloodseeker
Kills 5203231638 25Nigma.Miracle- slark Slark
Deaths 5201740739 17TNC.March vengefulspirit Vengeful Spirit
Assists 5203090606 31IG.Oli~ treant Treant Protector
KDA with 0 deaths 5201999081 32paiN.hFn k3 <3 M slark Slark
KDA with 1+ deaths 5210909104 33Secret.MATUMBAMAN faceless_void Faceless Void
Gold Earned 5206249071 64,653Liquid.m`iCKe naga_siren Naga Siren
Last hits 5206249071 1,074Liquid.m`iCKe naga_siren Naga Siren
Damage to heroes 5208208953 104,131Na`Vi.MagicaL sniper Sniper
Damage to buildings 5208049598 26,185Fnatic.23savage medusa Medusa
Hero healing 5208208953 50,478Liquid.iNSaNiA oracle Oracle
Damage taken from heroes 5201888964 90,038EG.Abed meepo Meepo
Efficiency on lane 5202059187 1.11VP.No[o]ne- alchemist Alchemist
Observer wards placed 5208208953 33Na`Vi.mantra disruptor Disruptor
Sentries placed 5208208953 53Na`Vi.mantra disruptor Disruptor
Obs Wards destroyed 5201936178 13Aster.BoBoKa abaddon Abaddon
Map pings 5206249071 674VP.mode idc life_stealer Lifestealer
Stuns 5206249071 404.31VP.Resolut1on abyssal_underlord Underlord
Couriers killed by a player 5208120543 4TNC.March enchantress Enchantress
Couriers killed in match 5205574778 9
Roshan kills in match 5208208953 6
Networth stomp by a team 5212542757 45,724
Networth comeback by a team 5203084179 27,444
Closest match 5208120543 4,108
Longest match 5208208953 1:21:04
Shortest match 5203371854 18:01
Kills Combined 5203090606 94
Bloodbath 5201857599 2.11
Player with Widest Hero Pool 14EG.天鸽
Player with Smallest Hero Pool 3paiN.444
Team with Widest Hero Pool 53Evil Geniuses (EG)
Team with Smallest Hero Pool 22Virtus.pro (VP)
This section contains data about highest or lowest values across all matches.