ESL One Los Angeles 2020 Open Qualifiers

Dota 2 Pro Circuit major event open qualifiers (Season 2019-2020)

Median hero gpm: 352

GPM 5231413525 1,086TC.7 alchemist Alchemist
XPM 5230859123 1,036UpG.MAI LA JI TUI BAO life_stealer Lifestealer
Kills 5230727479 27BSB.joey king puck Puck
Deaths 5231333157 17URSUS.yyy oracle Oracle
Assists 5232995741 37OG.Saksa earthshaker Earthshaker
KDA with 0 deaths 5232771806 37T.Spies.Samsam mars Mars
KDA with 1+ deaths 5231780323 43Friends.badman dark_willow Dark Willow
Gold Earned 5230785109 56, naga_siren Naga Siren
Last hits 5230785109 1, naga_siren Naga Siren
Damage to heroes 5230737950 94, arc_warden Arc Warden
Damage to buildings 5233516801 27,730ThunderP.MNZ morphling Morphling
Hero healing 5233434490 24,399OG.S.Peksu treant Treant Protector
Damage taken from heroes 5230737950 72, arc_warden Arc Warden
Efficiency on lane 5231686143 1.23Motoca.Rayuur alchemist Alchemist
Observer wards placed 5231484597 26EmpireH.Kidaro lich Lich
Sentries placed 5231484597 44EmpireH.Kidaro lich Lich
Obs Wards destroyed 5231484597 12EmpireH.Kidaro lich Lich
Map pings 5232270847 467BrX.CORE OR IM DONE earthshaker Earthshaker
Stuns 5231699539 299.58LXG.SexyeYogye™ dark_willow Dark Willow
Couriers killed by a player 5231778898 5SMH.Goahitle riki Riki
Couriers killed in match 5230735420 8
Roshan kills in match 5231484597 5
Networth stomp by a team 5232805718 46,351
Networth comeback by a team 5231484597 21,164
Closest match 5231298477 3,785
Longest match 5231333157 1:05:42
Shortest match 5231294498 11:43
Kills Combined 5239294539 102
Bloodbath 5239102697 3.41
Player with Widest Hero Pool 7Unique.nofear
Player with Smallest Hero Pool 1ML.Stormcode
Team with Widest Hero Pool 27Team Unique (Unique)
Team with Smallest Hero Pool 5DOTAHERO (DH)
This section contains data about highest or lowest values across all matches.