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DPC2021 Season 1: Closed Qualifiers

DPC2021 Season 1 Closed Qualifiers and Deciders (all regions)

Teams on event: 59

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Matches: 8
Winrate: 38%
GPM: 2,198
XPM: 2,632
K/D/A: 25/36/60
Main region: North America
Active roster:
DogChamp.animal planet (Core Safelane)
DogChamp.Fayde (Core Safelane)
DogChamp.who (Core Midlane)
DogChamp.luki luki (Core Offlane)
DogChamp.focus (Core Offlane)
DogChamp.yarin (Support Offlane)
DogChamp.Bloody Nine (Support Safelane)
Favorite heroes:
keeper_of_the_light Keeper of the Light: 4 - 50.00%
storm_spirit Storm Spirit: 4 - 50.00%
pangolier Pangolier: 3 - 0.00%
undying Undying: 2 - 100.00%
Favorite pairs:
undying Undying + mars Mars: 2 - 100.00%
storm_spirit Storm Spirit + keeper_of_the_light Keeper of the Light: 2 - 50.00%

Unique heroes per player

DogChamp.animal planet: phantom_assassinmonkey_kingriki
DogChamp.Fayde: terrorbladetroll_warlordleshracbeastmastermorphling
DogChamp.who: storm_spiritember_spiritkunkkajuggernautqueenofpain
DogChamp.luki luki: slardarpugnabeastmaster
DogChamp.focus: pangoliermars
DogChamp.yarin: keeper_of_the_lightnyx_assassinoraclephoenix
DogChamp.Bloody Nine: undyingenchantressogre_magiomniknightwitch_doctorjakiro
Regions: North America (8)
Observer wards placed19.00
Sentries placed27.00
Obs Wards destroyed6.29
Courier kills1.71
Roshan Kills1.00
Hero Pool27.00
Map pings157.14
Hero Diversity1.82
Radiant Ratio12.50%
Radiant winrate0.00%
Dire winrate42.86%
Average match duration40.03
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