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DPC2021 Season 1: Upper Divisions

Dota Pro Circuit 2021: Season 1 - Upper Divisions of all regions

Players in league: 250

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Matches: 10
Winrate: 0%
GPM: 1,824
XPM: 2,182
K/D/A: 17/30/36
Main region: China
Active roster:
LBZS.Ms (Core Safelane)
LBZS.気 (Core Midlane)
LBZS.lrving (Core Offlane)
LBZS.xiaofu (Support Offlane) you (Support Offlane)
Favorite heroes:
tusk Tusk: 3 - 0.00%
earth_spirit Earth Spirit: 3 - 0.00%
elder_titan Elder Titan: 2 - 0.00%
puck Puck: 2 - 0.00%
Favorite pairs:
furion Nature's Prophet + tusk Tusk: 2 - 0.00%

Unique heroes per player

LBZS.Ms: troll_warlordursaskeleton_kingterrorbladeweaverjuggernautobsidian_destroyer
LBZS.気: puckstorm_spiritobsidian_destroyertemplar_assassinvoid_spiritleshracdragon_knightdoom_bringer
LBZS.lrving: furionphoenixshreddercentaurbeastmasternight_stalkersand_kingmarspangolier
LBZS.xiaofu: elder_titanundyinggrimstrokedisruptorwinter_wyvernoracleomniknight you: earth_spirittuskspirit_breakerwinter_wyvernearthshakershadow_shaman
Regions: China (10)
Observer wards placed15.70
Sentries placed17.20
Obs Wards destroyed3.30
Courier kills0.80
Roshan Kills0.40
Hero Pool35.00
Map pings198.30
Hero Diversity2.45
Radiant Ratio60.00%
Radiant winrate0.00%
Dire winrate0.00%
Average match duration33.37
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