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DPC2021 Season 1: China - Lower Division

Dota Pro Circuit 2021: Season 1 - China Regional League - Lower Division, hosted by Perfect World

Median hero xpm: 518

Most impactful items
In the items component you may see various items stats. Overview shows top of the most impactful items (in general and for a specific hero) based on their effect on winrate, compared to games when the item wasn't purchased, with the highest positive and negative impacts respectively. Notable timings section shows earliest purchase timings for item-hero pairs with the highest winrate gradient per minute.


Item Pickups Winrate When picked
spirit_vesselSpirit Vessel1586.67%+33.16%
solar_crestSolar Crest1080.00%+26.44%
aeon_diskAeon Disk2176.19%+22.67%
skadiEye of Skadi1675.00%+21.45%
assaultAssault Cuirass1573.33%+19.77%
sheepstickScythe of Vyse771.43%+17.83%
dragon_lanceDragon Lance771.43%+17.83%
Item Pickups Winrate When picked
ancient_janggoDrum of Endurance633.33%-20.32%
glimmer_capeGlimmer Cape2236.36%-17.35%
bfuryBattle Fury3540.00%-13.73%
monkey_king_barMonkey King Bar1442.86%-10.80%
hood_of_defianceHood of Defiance2744.44%-9.24%
heavens_halberdHeaven's Halberd944.44%-9.20%
mantaManta Style1747.06%-6.59%
veil_of_discordVeil of Discord1947.37%-6.28%

For heroes

Hero Item Pickups Winrate When picked
tuskTuskblinkBlink Dagger1060.0%+17.7%
pangolierPangolierblinkBlink Dagger988.9%+10.8%
puckPuckblinkBlink Dagger955.6%+9.1%
keeper_of_the_lightKeeper of the Lightforce_staffForce Staff540.0%+5.9%
weaverWeaverpower_treadsPower Treads850.0%+5.9%
centaurCentaur WarrunnerblinkBlink Dagger666.7%+5.7%
void_spiritVoid Spiritultimate_scepterAghanim's Scepter977.8%+4.7%
obsidian_destroyerOutworld Destroyerpower_treadsPower Treads1172.7%+3.5%
puckPuckultimate_scepterAghanim's Scepter650.0%+3.0%
rubickRubickaether_lensAether Lens977.8%+2.0%
Hero Item Pickups Winrate When picked
miranaMiranaurn_of_shadowsUrn of Shadows728.6%-15.4%
medusaMedusamantaManta Style757.1%-13.9%
batriderBatriderblinkBlink Dagger1643.8%-13.0%
weaverWeaverblack_king_barBlack King Bar633.3%-11.9%
storm_spiritStorm Spiritblack_king_barBlack King Bar850.0%-10.8%
nyx_assassinNyx Assassintranquil_bootsTranquil Boots1145.5%-10.6%
medusaMedusapower_treadsPower Treads862.5%-8.2%
earthshakerEarthshakertranquil_bootsTranquil Boots837.5%-7.5%
earthshakerEarthshakerblinkBlink Dagger837.5%-7.5%

Most notable timings records

HeroItemPickupsWinrateGradient (%/min)MedianGames with the best timings
templar_assassinTemplar Assassinpower_treadsPower Treads540.00%-100.00%08:125818423673 - RNG ⚔ PhGa - Game 1 - (07:09)
templar_assassinTemplar AssassinblinkBlink Dagger540.00%-76.92%11:235818423673 - RNG ⚔ PhGa - Game 1 - (09:57)
rikiRikipower_treadsPower Treads666.67%-66.67%09:015801779031 - SAG ⚔ Dynasty - Game 1 - (07:43)
earthshakerEarthshakertranquil_bootsTranquil Boots837.50%-53.34%05:585813129850 - CDEC ⚔ SAG - Game 2 - (02:43)
miranaMiranaurn_of_shadowsUrn of Shadows728.57%-51.28%08:195793244764 - CDEC ⚔ XG - Game 3 - (03:51)
pangolierPangolierorb_of_corrosionOrb of Corrosion1172.73%-26.15%06:185821460630 - CDEC ⚔ DG - Game 1 - (03:06)
weaverWeaverpower_treadsPower Treads850.00%-18.61%09:165849905989 - CDEC ⚔ Dynasty - Game 2 - (06:06)
medusaMedusamantaManta Style757.14%-13.89%15:065814388825 - XG ⚔ Dynasty - Game 2 - (14:18)
rubickRubickaether_lensAether Lens977.78%-12.50%16:105849859525 - CDEC ⚔ Dynasty - Game 1 - (10:57)
weaverWeaverblack_king_barBlack King Bar633.33%-9.07%29:565801927228 - XG ⚔ DG - Game 1 - (21:05)