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DPC2021 Season 1: CIS Decider

DPC2021 S1 CIS Decider Tournament (CQ), hosted by ESL

Median hero bans: 3

Most impactful items
In the items component you may see various items stats. Overview shows top of the most impactful items (in general and for a specific hero) based on their effect on winrate, compared to games when the item wasn't purchased, with the highest positive and negative impacts respectively. Notable timings section shows earliest purchase timings for item-hero pairs with the highest winrate gradient per minute.


Item Pickups Winrate When picked
pipePipe of Insight887.50%+32.82%
ultimate_scepter_2Aghanim's Blessing785.71%+31.01%
ancient_janggoDrum of Endurance683.33%+28.61%
shivas_guardShiva's Guard1376.92%+22.25%
lotus_orbLotus Orb1376.92%+22.25%
skadiEye of Skadi875.00%+20.27%
ghostGhost Scepter1573.33%+18.65%
assaultAssault Cuirass1471.43%+16.73%
Item Pickups Winrate When picked
rapierDivine Rapier616.67%-38.23%
armletArmlet of Mordiggian728.57%-26.31%
cycloneEul's Scepter of Divinity2630.77%-24.31%
aeon_diskAeon Disk1040.00%-14.87%
necronomicon_2Necronomicon 2944.44%-10.40%
necronomicon_3Necronomicon 3944.44%-10.40%
power_treadsPower Treads4847.92%-7.03%

For heroes

Hero Item Pickups Winrate When picked
pugnaPugnaaether_lensAether Lens366.7%+4.5%
shadow_shamanShadow Shamanaether_lensAether Lens988.9%+4.3%
beastmasterBeastmasterblinkBlink Dagger540.0%+3.6%
Hero Item Pickups Winrate When picked
puckPuckblinkBlink Dagger714.3%-13.6%
marsMarsblinkBlink Dagger757.1%-7.2%
puckPuckultimate_scepterAghanim's Scepter520.0%-7.0%
phoenixPhoenixtranquil_bootsTranquil Boots862.5%-5.4%
void_spiritVoid Spiritultimate_scepterAghanim's Scepter757.1%-4.7%
leshracLeshraccycloneEul's Scepter of Divinity520.0%-3.3%
juggernautJuggernautultimate_scepterAghanim's Scepter3100.0%0.0%
juggernautJuggernautbasherSkull Basher3100.0%0.0%

Most notable timings records

HeroItemPickupsWinrateGradient (%/min)MedianGames with the best timings
pugnaPugnaaether_lensAether Lens366.67%-45.80%14:565780732371 - B8 ⚔ NT - Game 2 - (10:34)
puckPuckblinkBlink Dagger714.29%-33.33%15:235777430832 - Gambit ⚔ B8 - Game 1 - (14:25)
shadow_shamanShadow Shamanaether_lensAether Lens988.89%-9.09%17:345777233495 - HR ⚔ NoPango - Game 2 - (11:18)
marsMarsblinkBlink Dagger757.14%-5.62%16:165778718420 - HR ⚔ EXTREMUM - Game 1 - (11:48)
leshracLeshraccycloneEul's Scepter of Divinity520.00%-4.31%13:005777380690 - Winstrike ⚔ NT - Game 1 - (11:06)
beastmasterBeastmasterblinkBlink Dagger540.00%-2.18%31:195782223710 - Winstrike ⚔ NoPango - Game 3 - (20:02)
void_spiritVoid Spiritultimate_scepterAghanim's Scepter757.14%-1.53%23:155780468402 - Empire ⚔ NoPango - Game 2 - (16:45)