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DPC2021 Season 1: NA - Lower Division

Dota Pro Circuit 2021: Season 1 - North America Regional League - Lower Division, hosted by Beyond the Summit

Matches without detailed analysis: 0

Most impactful items
In the items component you may see various items stats. Overview shows top of the most impactful items (in general and for a specific hero) based on their effect on winrate, compared to games when the item wasn't purchased, with the highest positive and negative impacts respectively. Notable timings section shows earliest purchase timings for item-hero pairs with the highest winrate gradient per minute.


Item Pickups Winrate When picked
octarine_coreOctarine Core9100.00%+47.11%
shivas_guardShiva's Guard1788.24%+35.38%
pipePipe of Insight1181.82%+28.91%
sheepstickScythe of Vyse1580.00%+27.11%
witch_bladeWitch Blade1580.00%+27.11%
heartHeart of Tarrasque1080.00%+27.08%
ultimate_scepter_2Aghanim's Blessing977.78%+24.86%
abyssal_bladeAbyssal Blade4077.50%+24.70%
lotus_orbLotus Orb1776.47%+23.58%
Item Pickups Winrate When picked
rapierDivine Rapier825.00%-27.99%
ancient_janggoDrum of Endurance1338.46%-14.53%
monkey_king_barMonkey King Bar1338.46%-14.53%
bfuryBattle Fury3839.47%-13.57%
mantaManta Style2642.31%-10.69%
phase_bootsPhase Boots12645.24%-7.87%

For heroes

Hero Item Pickups Winrate When picked
naga_sirenNaga SirenbutterflyButterfly450.0%+8.5%
obsidian_destroyerOutworld Destroyerblack_king_barBlack King Bar1361.5%+8.0%
skeleton_kingWraith KingradianceRadiance1478.6%+5.4%
rubickRubickaether_lensAether Lens1662.5%+4.9%
void_spiritVoid Spiritultimate_scepterAghanim's Scepter2157.1%+4.2%
juggernautJuggernautphase_bootsPhase Boots825.0%+3.2%
puckPuckwitch_bladeWitch Blade1070.0%+3.2%
ursaUrsablack_king_barBlack King Bar944.4%+1.7%
ursaUrsabfuryBattle Fury944.4%+1.7%
puckPuckblinkBlink Dagger1968.4%+1.6%
Hero Item Pickups Winrate When picked
puckPuckultimate_scepterAghanim's Scepter1250.0%-17.9%
miranaMiranaurn_of_shadowsUrn of Shadows757.1%-12.6%
pangolierPangolierpower_treadsPower Treads837.5%-12.5%
tuskTuskblinkBlink Dagger837.5%-11.8%
monkey_kingMonkey Kingorb_of_corrosionOrb of Corrosion955.6%-10.9%
batriderBatriderblack_king_barBlack King Bar683.3%-8.9%
keeper_of_the_lightKeeper of the Lightglimmer_capeGlimmer Cape1553.3%-8.7%
axeAxephase_bootsPhase Boots757.1%-7.7%
furionNature's Prophetpower_treadsPower Treads1181.8%-7.3%
marsMarsblinkBlink Dagger1540.0%-7.2%

Most notable timings records

HeroItemPickupsWinrateGradient (%/min)MedianGames with the best timings
axeAxephase_bootsPhase Boots757.14%-100.00%06:485840032653 - felt ⚔ Dog - Game 1 - (04:47)
furionNature's ProphetorchidOrchid Malevolence1283.33%-18.52%14:305803052687 - ARKOSH ⚔ TC - Game 1 - (11:34)
keeper_of_the_lightKeeper of the Lighttranquil_bootsTranquil Boots2356.52%-17.86%06:185821248804 - Dog ⚔ JH - Game 2 - (03:52)
earthshakerEarthshakerblinkBlink Dagger1241.67%-16.42%17:185851200013 - ARKOSH ⚔ felt - Game 2 - (12:26)
marsMarsblinkBlink Dagger1540.00%-15.53%22:365804740327 - TC ⚔ JH - Game 3 - (13:55)
monkey_kingMonkey Kingorb_of_corrosionOrb of Corrosion955.56%-14.87%07:105810813795 - BR ⚔ felt - Game 2 - (02:59)
puckPuckwitch_bladeWitch Blade1070.00%-14.71%14:235812823549 - eboy ⚔ Dog - Game 2 - (11:02)
ursaUrsabfuryBattle Fury944.44%-12.74%15:165792949736 - BR ⚔ 2B - Game 1 - (11:57)
skeleton_kingWraith KingradianceRadiance1478.57%-9.40%16:535824625928 - BR ⚔ Dog - Game 3 - (13:57)
earthshakerEarthshakeraghanims_shardAghanim's Shard1241.67%-8.75%23:465833954480 - felt ⚔ 2B - Game 2 - (20:24)