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DPC 2021/22 Tour 1 - All Regions

DPC 2021/22 Tour 1 - All Regions - Both Divisions

Average Roshan kills per game by Dire: 0.9141

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This section contains stats for most common hero pairs. Winrate difference is calculated based on average expected win rate of the heroes together. Expected matches is calculated number of matches the heroes would be picked together randomly based on their pick rates. Deviation is difference between expected number of matches and the actual number (higher number is better and means the heroes are usually picked together intentionally, negative values mean otherwise). Percentage is how much of actual matches is the deviation number. Minimum amount of matches for pairs is set to 10.
HeroesMatchesWinrateWinrate differenceExpected matchesDeviationPercentageSame lane rate
queenofpainQueen of Painspirit_breakerSpirit Breaker1747.06%3.13%11635.29%17.65%
baneBanequeenofpainQueen of Pain1330.77%-17.07%16-3-23.08%0.00%
storm_spiritStorm SpiritwispIo1145.45%-5.98%3872.73%0.00%
baneBanemonkey_kingMonkey King1050.00%2.25%8220.00%40.00%
spirit_breakerSpirit BreakergrimstrokeGrimstroke1040.00%1.91%5550.00%50.00%