DreamLeague Season 11 Major

Dota 2 Pro Circuit Major LAN event (Season 2018-2019)

Radiant winrate: 44.5545

GPM 4534910465 1,094Infamous.Timado alchemist Alchemist
XPM 4534808250 943KG.old chicken troll_warlord Troll Warlord
Kills 4530320749 20FWD.YawaR shredder Timbersaw
Deaths 4533871683 16VP.Solo bane Bane
Assists 4530650757 37VP.Solo furion Nature's Prophet
KDA with 0 deaths 4535493681 30Fnatic.Abed puck Puck
KDA with 1+ deaths 4531118455 33NiP.Ace phantom_assassin Phantom Assassin
Gold Earned 4530331319 57,696Fnatic.MP lone_druid Lone Druid
Last hits 4530331319 851Fnatic.MP lone_druid Lone Druid
Damage to heroes 4533864934 64,366PSG.LGD.Xm gyrocopter Gyrocopter
Damage to buildings 4530331319 23,612Fnatic.MP lone_druid Lone Druid
Hero healing 4530304777 18,761VG.Ori necrolyte Necrophos
Damage taken from heroes 4535629696 52,649NiP.33 chaos_knight Chaos Knight
Efficiency on lane 4543372361 1.10CHAOS.hFn k3 ursa Ursa
Observer wards placed 4530331319 29Fnatic.JAbz oracle Oracle
Sentries placed 4554867853 60EG.Fly witch_doctor Witch Doctor
Obs Wards destroyed 4562402022 13PSG.LGD.xNova grimstroke Grimstroke
Map pings 4530331319 503Fnatic.iceiceice viper Viper
Stuns 4530331319 250.85Fnatic.Abed invoker Invoker
Couriers killed by a player 4571162988 2VP.RAMZeS666 antimage Anti-Mage
Couriers killed in match 4571162988 3
Roshan kills in match 4554867853 4
Networth stomp by a team 4531294928 37,605
Networth comeback by a team 4543931757 15,560
Longest match 4530331319 1:12:28
Shortest match 4535499804 17:28
Bloodbath 4530331319 79
Player with Widest Hero Pool 16VP.RAMZeS666
Player with Smallest Hero Pool 4Liquid.MATUMBAMAN
Team with Widest Hero Pool 55Virtus.pro (VP)
Team with Smallest Hero Pool 22Natus Vincere (Na`Vi)
This section contains data about highest or lowest values across all matches.