ESL One Thailand 2020 Online: Asia

Major online league hosted by ESL, sponsored by Intel

Total observer wards destroyed: 1224

GPM 5591840336 951Aries.Explosion terrorblade Terrorblade
XPM 5599028816 966neon.skem antimage Anti-Mage
Kills 5580825728 24T1.Meracle queenofpain Queen of Pain
Deaths 5585593613 18TNC.TIMS rubick Rubick
Assists 5593540142 39SAG.September phoenix Phoenix
KDA with 0 deaths 5580825728 38T1.Meracle queenofpain Queen of Pain
KDA with 1+ deaths 5579342689 43TNC.Gabbi phantom_assassin Phantom Assassin
Gold Earned 5579135423 57,106Aries.Explosion drow_ranger Drow Ranger
Last hits 5593636555 812SAG.圣子华炼God-King-SzhL phantom_lancer Phantom Lancer
Damage to heroes 5593636555 99,570GeekFam.Abed ember_spirit Ember Spirit
Damage to buildings 5581156713 38,202Fnatic.Raven terrorblade Terrorblade
Hero healing 5579135423 31,713SAG.圣子华炼God-King-SzhL juggernaut Juggernaut
Damage taken from heroes 5593540142 79,667GeekFam.Abed arc_warden Arc Warden
Efficiency on lane 5593409348 1.16TNC.Gabbi sven Sven
Observer wards placed 5579135423 25SAG.Redpanda shadow_demon Shadow Demon
Sentries placed 5585593613 41Fnatic.DJ grimstroke Grimstroke
Obs Wards destroyed 5588358555 10neon.Jaunuel phoenix Phoenix
Map pings 5585593613 316Fnatic.jabz tiny Tiny
Stuns 5585593613 421.77Fnatic.FoREv abyssal_underlord Underlord
Couriers killed by a player 5593540142 6GeekFam.Kuku^ puck Puck
Couriers killed in match 5599204782 10
Roshan kills in match 5579135423 5
Networth stomp by a team 5585593613 46,286
Networth comeback by a team 5577968977 28,487
Closest match 5596297730 2,191
Biggest difference in gold earned 5585593613 53,103
Longest match 5585593613 1:05:58
Shortest match 5593409348 17:55
Kills Combined 5586784001 94
Bloodbath 5593409348 2.17
Player with Widest Hero Pool 15BOOM.Mikoto
Player with Smallest Hero Pool 1Yasy
Team with Widest Hero Pool 51Fnatic (Fnatic)
Team with Smallest Hero Pool 29Aster.Aries (Aries)
This section contains data about highest or lowest values across all matches.