The Great American Rivalry Season 1 Division 1

Teams from US, Peru and Brazil face each other on the biggest SA league

Heroes picked: 110

GPM 5504948243 975CR4ZY.hFn k3 <3 M alchemist Alchemist
XPM 5544383268 1,0054Zs.ocean magnataur Magnus
Kills 5532123346 30Midas.RdO- spectre Spectre
Deaths 5538025517 23bc.Stinger silencer Silencer
Assists 5538025517 44QCY.MSS treant Treant Protector
KDA with 0 deaths 5537966458 48QCY.Lelis doom_bringer Doom
KDA with 1+ deaths 5532404988 34ThunderP.MNZ spectre Spectre
Gold Earned 5539449243 58,868business.Moo phantom_lancer Phantom Lancer
Last hits 5539449243 775business.Moo phantom_lancer Phantom Lancer
Damage to heroes 5538025517 119,178QCY.Quinn zuus Zeus
Damage to buildings 5550984072 25,946Infamous.1 terrorblade Terrorblade
Hero healing 5537713467 24,691business.Fear wisp Io
Damage taken from heroes 5539449243 71,567business.Moo phantom_lancer Phantom Lancer
Efficiency on lane 5537966458 1.10QCY.Lelis doom_bringer Doom
Observer wards placed 5537855227 22Infamous.`Accelgd rattletrap Clockwerk
Sentries placed 5539449243 42Midas.Duster undying Undying
Obs Wards destroyed 5507410397 8Infinity.Prada enchantress Enchantress
Map pings 5537855227 400Infamous.kxy- lina Lina
Stuns 5544250611 188.79business.Brax abyssal_underlord Underlord
Couriers killed by a player 5539619473 5business.EternaLEnVy night_stalker Night Stalker
Couriers killed in match 5510661529 9
Roshan kills in match 5531934388 3
Networth stomp by a team 5505018025 36,463
Networth comeback by a team 5534007603 19,412
Closest match 5534105470 4,565
Longest match 5539449243 1:04:49
Shortest match 5500958230 15:45
Kills Combined 5538025517 117
Bloodbath 5533873272 2.36
Player with Widest Hero Pool 194Zs.Gunnar
Player with Smallest Hero Pool 1AsdfkqwerT
Team with Widest Hero Pool 66CR4ZY (CR4ZY)
Team with Smallest Hero Pool 46Infamous Gaming (Infamous)
This section contains data about highest or lowest values across all matches.