Immortal Rank Meta Trends - 7.17

Hero Stats for Immortal ranked matches

Total observer wards destroyed: 149001

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This is automatically generated report for custom league Immortal Rank Meta Trends - 7.17 — Hero Stats for Immortal ranked matches.
There were 17835 matches played. 11521 players participated in this event.
13978 matches were played in All Draft gamemode. 7195 matches were played on Europe West servers.
First match was played on 09:05:59 10 Jun 2018.
Last match was played on 12:30:06 26 Jun 2018.

Matches per day

Random stats
Players in league11521
Heroes contested115
Heroes picked115
Heroes banned115
Radiant winrate53.5520
Dire winrate46.4480
Total creeps murdered28998907
Total observer wards planted567763
Total observer wards destroyed149001
Total couriers killed9606
Total roshans killed24759
Total buybacks92308
Average match duration36:27
HeroMatchesContest RateRankPickedWinrateBannedWinrate
phantom_lancerPhantom Lancer402922.59%95.65330054.03%72956.93%
treantTreant Protector236413.25%92.17186155.35%50354.67%
Most picked heroes
Hero Mtchs Picked WR
windrunner Windranger9671796248.78%
warlock Warlock8523689853.32%
skywrath_mage Skywrath Mage8049667747.60%
axe Axe5284435554.03%
bloodseeker Bloodseeker4966414653.26%
Most banned heroes
Hero Mtchs Banned WR
windrunner Windranger 9671 1709 46.75%
warlock Warlock 8523 1625 53.85%
skywrath_mage Skywrath Mage 8049 1372 47.81%
axe Axe 5284 929 53.50%
bloodseeker Bloodseeker 4966 820 52.44%

Heroes uncontested: 2

Stage 1 of Picks
Hero Matches WR
windrunner Windranger 3508 48.75%
skywrath_mage Skywrath Mage 3206 47.04%
warlock Warlock 3078 52.53%
wisp Io 1516 53.10%
night_stalker Night Stalker 1056 49.72%
Stage 3 of Picks
Hero Matches WR
bloodseeker Bloodseeker 3179 53.22%
phantom_lancer Phantom Lancer 2974 54.30%
ember_spirit Ember Spirit 2968 49.63%
monkey_king Monkey King 2760 46.30%
faceless_void Faceless Void 2602 50.88%
Favorite pairs (Deviation)
Hero 1Hero 2MatchesWinrateExpected matchesDeviationPercentageSame lane rate
axeAxeskywrath_mageSkywrath Mage134853.19%815.204532.79639.52%69.07%
night_stalkerNight StalkerwispIo41756.59%228.039188.96145.31%87.05%
sand_kingSand KingleshracLeshrac34643.35%183.288162.71247.03%65.32%
faceless_voidFaceless Voidskywrath_mageSkywrath Mage72450.83%601.248122.75216.95%21.13%
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