Immortal Rank Meta Trends - 7.18

Hero Stats for Immortal ranked matches

Total roshans killed: 79497

This is automatically generated report for custom league Immortal Rank Meta Trends - 7.18 — Hero Stats for Immortal ranked matches.
There were 55270 matches played. 17189 players participated in this event.
All matches were played on 7.18 patch. 44480 matches were played in All Draft gamemode. 21938 matches were played on Europe West servers.
First match was played on 11:55:38 25 Jun 2018.
Last match was played on 10:59:25 29 Jul 2018.

Matches per day

Random stats
Players in league17189
Heroes contested115
Heroes picked115
Heroes banned115
Radiant winrate54.3369
Dire winrate45.6631
Total creeps murdered90463378
Total observer wards planted1748209
Total observer wards destroyed461630
Total couriers killed29450
Total roshans killed79497
Total buybacks293559
Average match duration36:16
HeroMatchesContest RateRankPickedWinrateBannedWinrate
crystal_maidenCrystal Maiden2740649.59%100.002227455.29%513255.01%
treantTreant Protector1425425.79%97.391116455.14%309055.70%
Most picked heroes
Hero Mtchs Picked WR
crystal_maiden Crystal Maiden274062227455.29%
pudge Pudge273812226649.58%
windrunner Windranger204001694745.75%
warlock Warlock160641322549.69%
bloodseeker Bloodseeker150481244153.65%
Most banned heroes
Hero Mtchs Banned WR
crystal_maiden Crystal Maiden 27406 5132 55.01%
pudge Pudge 27381 5115 48.84%
windrunner Windranger 20400 3453 45.82%
treant Treant Protector 14254 3090 55.70%
warlock Warlock 16064 2839 48.93%

Heroes uncontested: 2

Stage 1 of Picks
Hero Matches WR
pudge Pudge 13404 49.11%
crystal_maiden Crystal Maiden 11731 54.66%
treant Treant Protector 5893 54.96%
windrunner Windranger 5148 45.59%
warlock Warlock 4747 48.22%
Stage 3 of Picks
Hero Matches WR
bloodseeker Bloodseeker 9179 54.12%
spectre Spectre 8638 57.43%
phantom_lancer Phantom Lancer 8503 51.16%
ember_spirit Ember Spirit 7444 45.98%
mirana Mirana 7438 51.32%
Favorite pairs (Deviation)
Hero 1Hero 2MatchesWinrateExpected matchesDeviationPercentageSame lane rate
axeAxeskywrath_mageSkywrath Mage195851.33%1,060.324897.67645.85%67.21%
crystal_maidenCrystal MaidenursaUrsa246161.56%1,917.087543.91322.10%45.71%
crystal_maidenCrystal MaidennecrolyteNecrophos268060.82%2,203.824476.17617.77%26.79%
drow_rangerDrow RangerwindrunnerWindranger81447.91%451.501362.49944.53%13.51%
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