Immortal Rank Meta Trends - 7.22g

Stats for matches of Immortal rank players

Total creeps murdered: 41432571

This is automatically generated report for custom league Immortal Rank Meta Trends - 7.22g — Stats for matches of Immortal rank players.
There were 23683 matches played. 35653 players participated in this event.
All matches were played on 7.22 patch. 17760 matches were played in All Draft gamemode. 7028 matches were played on Europe West servers.
First match was played on 07:34:59 4 Sep 2019.
Last match was played on 12:00:13 11 Sep 2019.

Matches per day

Random stats
Players in league35653
Heroes contested117
Heroes picked117
Heroes banned117
Median hero picks1462
Median hero bans164
Median hero gpm424
Median hero xpm548
Median match duration35:21
Radiant winrate53.2618
Dire winrate46.7382
Total creeps murdered41432571
Total observer wards planted754065
Total observer wards destroyed221011
Total couriers killed11022
Total roshans killed27737
Total buybacks136494
Average match duration36:23
Notable Participants
Player with Widest Hero PoolPID 37610077341
Player with Smallest Hero PoolPID 356876261
HeroMatchesContest RateRankPickedWinrateBannedWinrate
night_stalkerNight Stalker439318.55%98.29335155.00%104246.83%
sand_kingSand King360115.20%97.44326354.73%33845.56%
treantTreant Protector274011.57%95.73240854.86%33253.61%
faceless_voidFaceless Void608525.69%94.87510053.06%98548.43%
ogre_magiOgre Magi648827.40%94.02585951.92%62951.83%
naga_sirenNaga Siren23479.91%93.16148155.77%86649.54%
Most picked heroes
Hero Mtchs Picked WR
tiny Tiny9595814245.81%
mirana Mirana8858765256.72%
ogre_magi Ogre Magi6488585951.92%
slark Slark7350530948.28%
rubick Rubick5396524546.37%
Most banned heroes
Hero Mtchs Banned WR
alchemist Alchemist 11311 6464 49.24%
enchantress Enchantress 6934 3749 48.52%
broodmother Broodmother 3903 2691 51.10%
slark Slark 7350 2041 48.65%
meepo Meepo 2479 1527 50.36%
Stage 1 of Picks
Hero Matches WR
mirana Mirana 6220 56.54%
tiny Tiny 4648 46.77%
ogre_magi Ogre Magi 4039 51.92%
rubick Rubick 3682 46.17%
shadow_demon Shadow Demon 3304 47.40%
Stage 3 of Picks
Hero Matches WR
obsidian_destroyer Outworld Devourer 2606 48.47%
ember_spirit Ember Spirit 2082 49.38%
kunkka Kunkka 1935 52.14%
monkey_king Monkey King 1667 49.79%
invoker Invoker 1435 52.89%
Favorite pairs (Deviation)
Hero 1Hero 2MatchesWinrateExpected matchesDeviationPercentageSame lane rate
miranaMiranashadow_demonShadow Demon108355.12%731.000352.00032.50%25.21%
alchemistAlchemistshadow_demonShadow Demon70254.56%463.000239.00034.05%36.75%
faceless_voidFaceless VoidinvokerInvoker60455.96%434.000170.00028.15%2.65%
miranaMiranaobsidian_destroyerOutworld Devourer73856.64%634.000104.00014.09%2.98%
miranaMiranasand_kingSand King63061.43%527.000103.00016.35%54.76%
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