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Immortal Rank Meta Trends - 7.26(a)

Stats for matches of Immortal rank players

Total roshans killed: 28007

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This page shows pairs of heroes on opposite teams that were met the most. Higher deviation means that one hero is more likely to be picked specifically counter the other. Winrates and winrate differences are shown relative to the first (left) hero of the pair.
Deviation is difference between expected number of matches and the actual number (higher number is better and means the heroes are usually picked together intentionally, negative values mean otherwise). Percentage is how much of actual matches is the deviation number. Minimum match count for a pair is set to 548.
HeroesMatchesWinrateWinrate differenceExpected matchesDeviationPercentage
ember_spiritEmber Spiritvoid_spiritVoid Spirit95952.24%2.08%0959100.00%
ember_spiritEmber SpiritmarsMars70252.28%2.12%0702100.00%
void_spiritVoid SpiritmarsMars68552.26%0.83%0685100.00%
ember_spiritEmber SpiritpangolierPangolier67453.56%3.40%0674100.00%
rubickRubickember_spiritEmber Spirit65247.85%0.64%0652100.00%
queenofpainQueen of Painember_spiritEmber Spirit62553.60%1.24%0625100.00%
pugnaPugnaember_spiritEmber Spirit58755.71%3.50%0587100.00%
morphlingMorphlingember_spiritEmber Spirit57949.91%0.72%0579100.00%
rubickRubickvoid_spiritVoid Spirit57647.05%-0.16%0576100.00%
furionNature's Prophetember_spiritEmber Spirit56850.88%0.54%0568100.00%
phantom_lancerPhantom Lancerember_spiritEmber Spirit55845.88%-3.11%0558100.00%
keeper_of_the_lightKeeper of the Lightember_spiritEmber Spirit55749.01%-1.74%0557100.00%