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Kio's Academy League

Amateur League by Kio's Academy

Median match duration: 37.2167

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Matches: 10
Winrate: 80%
GPM: 2,120
XPM: 2,704
K/D/A: 31/26/73
Main region: Europe and CIS
Active roster:
BLnT.Beast (Core Safelane)
BLnT.MXR- (Core Midlane)
BLnT.Xob (Core Offlane)
BLnT.H I B O U ~ (Support Offlane)
BLnT.Arch3r (Support Offlane)
BLnT.Arta (Support Safelane)
Favorite heroes:
phoenix Phoenix: 5 - 80.00%
nyx_assassin Nyx Assassin: 4 - 100.00%
mars Mars: 4 - 100.00%
windrunner Windranger: 4 - 75.00%
Favorite pairs:
phantom_assassin Phantom Assassin + phoenix Phoenix: 2 - 100.00%
death_prophet Death Prophet + winter_wyvern Winter Wyvern: 2 - 100.00%
dazzle Dazzle + nyx_assassin Nyx Assassin: 2 - 100.00%

Unique heroes per player

BLnT.Beast: phantom_assassinmonkey_kingursaphantom_lancerspectre
BLnT.MXR-: windrunnerdeath_prophetrazorsilencerviper
BLnT.Xob: marscentaurbristlebackaxe
BLnT.H I B O U ~: linaelder_titan
BLnT.Arch3r: phoenixnyx_assassin
BLnT.Arta: winter_wyverndazzlejakirokeeper_of_the_lightcrystal_maidenphoenix
Regions: Europe and CIS (10)
Observer wards placed20.14
Sentries placed27.43
Obs Wards destroyed6.57
Courier kills1.86
Roshan Kills1.71
Hero Pool23.00
Map pings152.86
Hero Diversity1.26
Radiant Ratio50.00%
Radiant winrate80.00%
Dire winrate80.00%
Average match duration46.05
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