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Kio's Academy League

Amateur League by Kio's Academy

Players in league: 49

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Matches: 11
Winrate: 82%
GPM: 2,358
XPM: 2,851
K/D/A: 36/16/67
Main region: Europe and CIS
Active roster:
Team 4.Hope- (Core Safelane)
Team 4.Panda (Core Midlane)
Team 4.Tower Defender (Core Offlane)
Team 4.Hugh Grant (Support Offlane)
Team 4.officer andres 2: High Voltage (Support Safelane)
Favorite heroes:
disruptor Disruptor: 3 - 100.00%
sand_king Sand King: 3 - 100.00%
riki Riki: 2 - 100.00%
mars Mars: 2 - 50.00%
Favorite pairs:
sand_king Sand King + vengefulspirit Vengeful Spirit: 2 - 100.00%
sand_king Sand King + earth_spirit Earth Spirit: 2 - 100.00%

Unique heroes per player

Team 4.Hope-: wisprikiantimagejuggernautabaddonnecrolytemorphling
Team 4.Panda: void_spiritleshraclone_druidursanevermoredark_willowbroodmotherviperinvokertroll_warlordmirana
Team 4.Tower Defender: sand_kingmarsabyssal_underlordfurionearthshakerlegion_commandersnipertidehunter
Team 4.Hugh Grant: rubickpuckearth_spiritnyx_assassinbrewmastertusktinyphoenix
Team 4.officer andres 2: High Voltage: disruptororaclevengefulspiritjakiroundyingsnapfireenigma
Regions: Europe and CIS (11)
Observer wards placed14.00
Sentries placed18.36
Obs Wards destroyed4.00
Courier kills1.36
Roshan Kills0.82
Hero Pool42.00
Map pings64.45
Hero Diversity3.82
Radiant Ratio36.36%
Radiant winrate100.00%
Dire winrate71.43%
Average match duration30.90
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