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Moon Studio New Year Showdown

Moon Studio presents Moon Studio New Year Showdown

Radiant winrate: 52.6316

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Matches: 17
Winrate: 41%
GPM: 2,144
XPM: 2,807
K/D/A: 30/30/61
Main region: Asia
Active roster:
Dynasty.syndrome (Core Safelane)
Dynasty.lost (Core Midlane)
Dynasty.fantasy- (Core Offlane)
Dynasty.Hy (Support Offlane)
Dynasty.Kygo (Support Safelane)
Dynasty.Cause (Support Safelane)
Favorite heroes:
keeper_of_the_light Keeper of the Light: 8 - 62.50%
skeleton_king Wraith King: 6 - 33.33%
mars Mars: 5 - 40.00%
pangolier Pangolier: 4 - 50.00%
Favorite pairs:
skeleton_king Wraith King + keeper_of_the_light Keeper of the Light: 4 - 50.00%
keeper_of_the_light Keeper of the Light + tusk Tusk: 3 - 33.33%
keeper_of_the_light Keeper of the Light + mars Mars: 3 - 33.33%

Unique heroes per player

Dynasty.syndrome: skeleton_kingrikijuggernautmonkey_kingqueenofpainphantom_lancermorphlingursatroll_warlordphantom_assassinchaos_knightmirana
Dynasty.lost: void_spiritskeleton_kingpuckinvokerbeastmasterqueenofpaintroll_warlordstorm_spiritlycanhuskarember_spiritkunkkamarsnevermore
Dynasty.fantasy-: pangoliermarsdoom_bringerenigmaqueenofpainvoid_spiritweaverbeastmasterbounty_hunterbristleback
Dynasty.Hy: keeper_of_the_lightearthshakertuskmirananyx_assassinshadow_shamanrubickgrimstrokerattletrapdark_willow
Dynasty.Kygo: ancient_apparitionkeeper_of_the_lightelder_titanrattletraporacleundyinggrimstroketusk
Dynasty.Cause: elder_titanwitch_doctor
Regions: Asia (1), China (16)
Observer wards placed13.93
Sentries placed17.47
Obs Wards destroyed4.33
Courier kills1.67
Roshan Kills0.40
Hero Pool43.00
Map pings43.00
Hero Diversity1.81
Radiant Ratio41.18%
Radiant winrate42.86%
Dire winrate40.00%
Average match duration30.85
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