NADCL Season 3

North American Dota Challengers League Season 3

Matches: 324

GPM 4521462004 994MOIST.Quasimoto alchemist Alchemist
XPM 4489494486 1,024Fbyte.OFF !!! weaver Weaver
Kills 4589330324 32EOOD.adz ember_spirit Ember Spirit
Deaths 4589330324 21tth.empyreaN nyx_assassin Nyx Assassin
Assists 4484615956 42S=B.clutch grimstroke Grimstroke
KDA with 0 deaths 4517318618 33SRHO.Pishtya razor Razor
KDA with 1+ deaths 4585354052 41tsukuyomi juggernaut Juggernaut
Gold Earned 4597312839 60,978BB.Rusy monkey_king Monkey King
Last hits 4597312839 770BB.Rusy monkey_king Monkey King
Damage to heroes 4552368016 117,563WD.W.Stealer.e lina Lina
Damage to buildings 4497684117 20,533TA.2nerla leshrac Leshrac
Hero healing 4544541858 22,814bs.Bloody Nine necrolyte Necrophos
Damage taken from heroes 4551832378 92,024XOLOTL.esk huskar Huskar
Efficiency on lane 4497581790 1.23MOIST.Quasimoto broodmother Broodmother
Observer wards placed 4597312839 35MEEP.God is Here LibTards vengefulspirit Vengeful Spirit
Sentries placed 4589330324 71EOOD.Husky undying Undying
Obs Wards destroyed 4454871256 11THD.awsl bane Bane
Map pings 4585307637 370MOIST.eve(HAPPY) undying Undying
Stuns 4552368016 435.00KFT.KillyGod abyssal_underlord Underlord
Couriers killed by a player 4540414402 4TCO.Fat fuck bounty_hunter Bounty Hunter
Couriers killed in match 4540414402 4
Roshan kills in match 4597312839 5
Networth stomp by a team 4458728955 41,600
Networth comeback by a team 4497684117 18,331
Longest match 4597312839 1:18:46
Shortest match 4544488912 11:18
Bloodbath 4597312839 125
Player with Widest Hero Pool 14SamsBoys.Brax
Player with Smallest Hero Pool 1MK.RTG
Team with Widest Hero Pool 49Anti-Glazed Gaming (AGG)
Team with Smallest Hero Pool 5Squid Squad (SS)
This section contains data about highest or lowest values across all matches.