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NADCL Season 5

North American Dota Challengers League Season 5 - Main Event

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Most impactful items
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In the items component you may see various items stats. Overview shows top of the most impactful items (in general and for a specific hero) based on their effect on winrate, compared to games when the item wasn't purchased, with the highest positive and negative impacts respectively. Notable timings section shows earliest purchase timings for item-hero pairs with the highest winrate gradient per minute.


Item Pickups Winrate When picked
aghanims_shardAghanim's Shard13100.00%+77.78%
arcane_bootsArcane Boots9100.00%+62.96%
hand_of_midasHand of Midas6100.00%+59.26%
ultimate_scepterAghanim's Scepter9100.00%+59.26%
medallion_of_courageMedallion of Courage5100.00%+59.26%
solar_crestSolar Crest5100.00%+59.26%
heartHeart of Tarrasque3100.00%+57.14%
ancient_janggoDrum of Endurance3100.00%+55.56%
Item Pickups Winrate When picked
spirit_vesselSpirit Vessel30.00%-55.56%
black_king_barBlack King Bar40.00%-50.00%
aether_lensAether Lens250.00%0.00%
ghostGhost Scepter250.00%0.00%
guardian_greavesGuardian Greaves250.00%+1.72%
orchidOrchid Malevolence250.00%+1.72%
blinkBlink Dagger750.00%+1.85%

For heroes

Hero Item Pickups Winrate When picked
Hero Item Pickups Winrate When picked

Most notable timings records

HeroItemPickupsWinrateGradient (%/min)MedianGames with the best timings