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NADCL Season 5

North American Dota Challengers League Season 5 - Main Event

Heroes contested: 119

This grid represents team's winrate against another team. Click on a cell for more info.
juice j's boys---------100------
Cable Tie--------0-------
Sporkface Killaz-------100100-100-----
Young Puff and the Embers that Light the Flame---33------------
GRIN Esports---67-00100-0-100--100-
GRIN ESPORTS------100-00-0-100--
The Honored Vanguard----100-6710010033200-0--
Bullish on Gaming--0-0-05010010020100-100--
Astronaut Esports-1000--100033033-00100--
Sporkface Killaz0---1001006710006740000--
YodiBrodi Nexus--0---806780-60-50100--
YodiBrodi Nexus Future----01001001000100100--100--
Bullish on Gaming-------100-10010050----
Budster's Emergency Task Force----0-----------