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With 7.36 official Dota API stopped working.
Waiting for the fix for now and updating stuff to 7.36.
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NADCL Season 5

North American Dota Challengers League Season 5 - Main Event

Median match duration: 39.4500

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Active roster: Puff.rkryptic, BETF.BUDSTER, Puff.xXxWYlIlDc@txXx, astronaut.DraKos_XR, SPORK.Pizzadog.Xeriscape (Support Safelane), Puff.DKMP
This section contains stats for heroes' performance on various positions. Positions are determined based on players performance (core or support) and lane. Supports across all lanes (including roamers) are considered as one role. Lanes and positions may not be accurate.