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OMEGA League: Divine and Immortal

OMEGA League by WePlay! and Epic Esports Events (Combined report)

Rampages total: 19

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Matches: 10
Winrate: 40%
GPM: 2,093
XPM: 2,554
K/D/A: 27/28/66
Main region: Europe and CIS
Active roster:
Empire.Smiling Knight (Core Safelane)
Empire.nattynarwhal_ (Core Midlane)
Empire.lightless (Core Midlane) bad (Core Offlane)
Empire.Shachlo (Core Offlane)
Empire.goddam (Support)
Empire.EcNart- (Support)
Empire.jAMES (Support)
Favorite heroes:
invoker Invoker: 5 - 60.00%
phoenix Phoenix: 5 - 20.00%
rattletrap Clockwerk: 3 - 100.00%
venomancer Venomancer: 2 - 50.00%
Favorite pairs:
rattletrap Clockwerk + invoker Invoker: 3 - 100.00%
slardar Slardar + weaver Weaver: 2 - 50.00%
slardar Slardar + invoker Invoker: 2 - 50.00%

Unique heroes per player

Empire.Smiling Knight: drow_rangerphantom_lancerweaverterrorbladegyrocopterfaceless_voidantimage
Empire.nattynarwhal_: furioninvoker
Empire.lightless: invokervoid_spiritstorm_spiritqueenofpaindoom_bringer bad: phoenix
Empire.Shachlo: slardarvenomancerbeastmasterlegion_commanderabaddondragon_knightaxetidehunter
Empire.goddam: void_spiritgrimstrokelinaphoenix
Empire.EcNart-: rattletrapelder_titanphoenixtreantenchantresswitch_doctor
Empire.jAMES: tinytreantearthshaker
Regions: Europe and CIS (10)
Observer wards placed18.40
Sentries placed27.00
Obs Wards destroyed7.50
Courier kills2.20
Roshan Kills1.10
Hero Pool31.00
Hero Diversity1.81
Radiant Ratio50.00%
Radiant winrate40.00%
Dire winrate40.00%
Average match duration39.96
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