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OMEGA League: Divine and Immortal

OMEGA League by WePlay! and Epic Esports Events (Combined report)

Median hero bans: 23

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Matches: 16
Winrate: 38%
GPM: 2,108
XPM: 2,639
K/D/A: 27/34/64
Main region: China
Active roster:
Adroit.Natsumi- (Core Safelane)
Adroit.八十八 (Core Safelane)
Adroit.Mac (Core Midlane)
Adroit.Cipher Rappy` (Core Offlane)
Adroit.Bensoy (Core Offlane)
Adroit.cml (Support)
Adroit.Boomy (Support)
Adroit.`JL (Support)
Favorite heroes:
phoenix Phoenix: 4 - 50.00%
spectre Spectre: 3 - 66.67%
oracle Oracle: 3 - 33.33%
ogre_magi Ogre Magi: 3 - 66.67%
Favorite pairs:
ogre_magi Ogre Magi + phoenix Phoenix: 2 - 100.00%
bane Bane + tiny Tiny: 2 - 50.00%
spectre Spectre + ogre_magi Ogre Magi: 2 - 50.00%

Unique heroes per player

Adroit.Natsumi-: furionphantom_lancer
Adroit.八十八: spectreantimageterrorbladephantom_lancertroll_warlordfaceless_void
Adroit.Mac: magnataurvoid_spiritember_spiritstorm_spirittinyzuuskunkkanevermoreinvokerwindrunner
Adroit.Cipher Rappy`: tidehuntersnapfirebrewmaster
Adroit.Bensoy: legion_commandersand_kingpangolieraxevenomancershredderrattletrapsnapfiresvenursabrewmastertinydark_seernaga_siren
Adroit.cml: ogre_magioraclebanetreantrubickearth_spiritabaddonvengefulspiritphoenixsilencerdisruptorchenqueenofpain
Adroit.Boomy: phoenixmiranalunatidehunterkunkkaearth_spiritrubickrattletrapenigma
Adroit.`JL: oracledisruptorogre_magi
Regions: China (16)
Observer wards placed16.75
Sentries placed23.56
Obs Wards destroyed4.94
Courier kills1.25
Roshan Kills0.69
Hero Pool47.00
Hero Diversity2.60
Radiant Ratio31.25%
Radiant winrate0.00%
Dire winrate54.55%
Average match duration36.81
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