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OMEGA League: Divine and Immortal

OMEGA League by WePlay! and Epic Esports Events (Combined report)

Radiant winrate: 47.7723

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Matches: 11
Winrate: 9%
GPM: 1,768
XPM: 2,268
K/D/A: 20/34/46
Main region: North America
Active roster:
PACE.LIES (Core Safelane)
PACE.Stars (acc#17) (Core Midlane)
PACE.not trying (Core Midlane)
PACE.molé (Core Offlane)
PACE.King Potato (Core Offlane)
PACE.aikster (Support)
PACE.Deanocide (Support)
Favorite heroes:
jakiro Jakiro: 4 - 0.00%
earth_spirit Earth Spirit: 4 - 0.00%
dark_seer Dark Seer: 4 - 0.00%
snapfire Snapfire: 3 - 0.00%
Favorite pairs:
tiny Tiny + magnataur Magnus: 2 - 50.00%
earth_spirit Earth Spirit + snapfire Snapfire: 2 - 0.00%
dark_seer Dark Seer + jakiro Jakiro: 2 - 0.00%

Unique heroes per player

PACE.LIES: spectredrow_rangerskeleton_kingfaceless_voidsventroll_warlordlife_stealermorphling
PACE.Stars (acc#17): skywrath_magequeenofpain
PACE.not trying: broodmotherdeath_prophetdragon_knightmagnataurpangoliervoid_spirittinyskywrath_mage
PACE.molé: dark_seervenomancertechiesdoom_bringermars
PACE.King Potato: snapfiremagnataur
PACE.aikster: earth_spiritrattletraprubickphoenixtinyskywrath_mage
PACE.Deanocide: jakirobanesnapfiredoom_bringergrimstrokecrystal_maidenundying
Regions: North America (11)
Observer wards placed14.64
Sentries placed22.09
Obs Wards destroyed6.09
Courier kills0.82
Roshan Kills0.27
Hero Pool34.00
Hero Diversity1.98
Radiant Ratio9.09%
Radiant winrate0.00%
Dire winrate10.00%
Average match duration33.00
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