OMEGA League: Americas Divine Division

Americas Divine division of OMEGA League by WePlay! and Epic Esports Events

Heroes picked: 104

GPM 5575846005 939business.EternaLEnVy arc_warden Arc Warden
XPM 5588009012 1,112Infamous.pakazs phantom_lancer Phantom Lancer
Kills 5588009012 27Infamous.pakazs phantom_lancer Phantom Lancer
Deaths 5601733299 174Zs.ocean rattletrap Clockwerk
Assists 5583523035 32Infamous.p4pita dark_seer Dark Seer
KDA with 0 deaths 5592924691 37ThunderP.Leostyle- void_spirit Void Spirit
KDA with 1+ deaths 5601733299 35QCY.YawaR slark Slark
Gold Earned 5595904418 45,5174Zs.Sammyboy arc_warden Arc Warden
Last hits 5575846005 648business.EternaLEnVy arc_warden Arc Warden
Damage to heroes 5595904418 103,3574Zs.Sammyboy arc_warden Arc Warden
Damage to buildings 5592979927 29,251Ωmega.mingatte gyrocopter Gyrocopter
Hero healing 5582109524 23,360bc.Stinger wisp Io
Damage taken from heroes 5595904418 88,6474Zs.Sammyboy arc_warden Arc Warden
Efficiency on lane 5597331601 1.11ThunderP.Leostyle- kunkka Kunkka
Observer wards placed 5595904418 21QCY.SVG rattletrap Clockwerk
Sentries placed 5577247018 33Ωmega.Panda crystal_maiden Crystal Maiden
Obs Wards destroyed 5583577665 12PACE.Deanocide crystal_maiden Crystal Maiden
Map pings 5574352490 286PACE.Stars broodmother Broodmother
Stuns 5578794176 183.87business.Moo tiny Tiny
Couriers killed by a player 5582206320 6Ωmega.ins mirana Mirana
Couriers killed in match 5577357467 14
Roshan kills in match 5597331601 3
Networth stomp by a team 5582056596 33,329
Networth comeback by a team 5578948087 19,560
Closest match 5578735192 4,424
Longest match 5586565142 51:12
Shortest match 5586406187 17:34
Kills Combined 5577247018 82
Bloodbath 5580589034 2.72
Player with Widest Hero Pool 15bc.Stinger
Player with Smallest Hero Pool 1okay!
Team with Widest Hero Pool 51Thunder Predator (ThunderP)
Team with Smallest Hero Pool 31xixihaha (xxhh)
This section contains data about highest or lowest values across all matches.