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Perfect World Dota2 League Season 2 - Division A

Higher division of Perfect World Dota2 League Season 2

Median hero picks: 3

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This table contains teams' average stats across the tournament.
Team NameMtchsWinrateKillsDeathsAssistsXPMGPMWardsSentriesWard KillsCourier killsRoshan KillsHero PoolHero DiversityRadiant RatioRadiant WRDire WRTime
Team  MagmaTeam Magma (TM)2166.67%26.622.063.72,6802,16716.
phoenix gamingphoenix gaming (phoenix)1118.18%24.132.658.62,5362,02017.
Galaxy Racer EsportsGalaxy Racer Esports (GXR)1050.00%22.929.352.62,5822,11517.725.
For The DreamFor The Dream (FTD)1050.00%31.626.973.82,8722,31719.
INK ICEINK ICE (INKICE)1050.00%22.526.852.82,5422,08016.623.
LBZSLBZS (LBZS)333.33%16.317.035.72,3381,96112.311.