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RD2L Season 31

Season 31 of the RD2L (formerly known as Reddit Dota 2 League), a casual Draft League

Total couriers killed: 1546

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MatchRadiantDireDurationKills CombinedFinished
7539628557Taylor Swift Fans (Real) (T.Swift)ELO Divers (ELO)53:019201:10:45 16 Jan 2024
7539670845Taylor Swift Fans (Real) (T.Swift)ELO Divers (ELO)38:586402:23:27 16 Jan 2024
7550417727Wolfpack (Wolfpack)ELO Divers (ELO)55:428801:10:02 23 Jan 2024
7550463081Wolfpack (Wolfpack)ELO Divers (ELO)42:345802:31:52 23 Jan 2024
7560866584Jason Vas Foundation Picks for the Cure (JVP4C)ELO Divers (ELO)37:177301:05:27 30 Jan 2024
7571528566Sana Minatozaki Fans (Real) (Sana)ELO Divers (ELO)44:577501:06:32 6 Feb 2024
7583988582AWESOME STACK LETS GOOO TEAM (Money)ELO Divers (ELO)1:27:3610101:08:52 13 Feb 2024
7609866795Jack's RPG team #2 (JRT-2)ELO Divers (ELO)35:145001:57:12 27 Feb 2024
7632899648Hashtag Yolo Swag (#Ys)ELO Divers (ELO)32:117412:10:00 12 Mar 2024
7560899204ELO Divers (ELO)Jason Vas Foundation Picks for the Cure (JVP4C)47:326002:06:28 30 Jan 2024
7571567790ELO Divers (ELO)Sana Minatozaki Fans (Real) (Sana)39:516802:16:01 6 Feb 2024
7584062364ELO Divers (ELO)AWESOME STACK LETS GOOO TEAM (Money)46:326303:03:55 13 Feb 2024
7596944814ELO Divers (ELO)C Tier Team BTW (C Tier)43:125001:15:11 20 Feb 2024
7596992114ELO Divers (ELO)C Tier Team BTW (C Tier)38:217702:18:57 20 Feb 2024
7609828854ELO Divers (ELO)Jack's RPG team #2 (JRT-2)28:285401:04:14 27 Feb 2024
7632929133ELO Divers (ELO)Hashtag Yolo Swag (#Ys)46:598201:03:06 12 Mar 2024