GPM 4969186537 1,176NiP.Ace alchemist Alchemist
XPM 4972913573 992Infamous.Chris Luck broodmother Broodmother
Kills 4968150000 27EG.SumaiL storm_spirit Storm Spirit
Deaths 4969319314 17Newbee.pieliedie crystal_maiden Crystal Maiden
Assists 4968150000 37EG.s4 tidehunter Tidehunter
KDA with 0 deaths 4969740895 34OG.ana spectre Spectre
KDA with 1+ deaths 4978505997 35EG.SumaiL leshrac Leshrac
Gold Earned 4971343154 77,056CHAOS.MATUMBAMAN leshrac Leshrac
Last hits 4968150000 1,130Na`Vi.MagicaL templar_assassin Templar Assassin
Damage to heroes 4971343154 128,438TNC.Gabbi arc_warden Arc Warden
Damage to buildings 4970923784 23,138Alliance.miCKe morphling Morphling
Hero healing 4973040677 48,170TNC.eyyou chen Chen
Damage taken from heroes 4971343154 136,986TNC.Gabbi arc_warden Arc Warden
Efficiency on lane 4983729131 1.56OG.ana alchemist Alchemist
Observer wards placed 4971343154 34TNC.Tims grimstroke Grimstroke
Sentries placed 4976922218 68VG.Dy witch_doctor Witch Doctor
Obs Wards destroyed 4977648828 13Mineski.ninjaboogie ogre_magi Ogre Magi
Map pings 4969186537 611Fnatic.iceiceice sand_king Sand King
Stuns 4969186537 361.07NiP.Saksa nyx_assassin Nyx Assassin
Couriers killed by a player 4967784803 2OG.JerAx tiny Tiny
Couriers killed in match 4969495247 3
Roshan kills in match 4968150000 6
Networth stomp by a team 4968187584 50,430
Networth comeback by a team 4967655141 23,107
Longest match 4971343154 1:26:28
Shortest match 4973182943 15:07
Bloodbath 4968150000 95
Player with Widest Hero Pool 19Secret.MidOne
Player with Smallest Hero Pool 6Na`Vi.SoNNeikO
Team with Widest Hero Pool 62Team Liquid (Liquid)
Team with Smallest Hero Pool 37Mineski (Mineski)
This section contains data about highest or lowest values across all matches.