Yabo Supreme Cup

BOMI Esports Culture Media major tournament

Total couriers killed: 73

GPM 5155293217 863RNG.Monet gyrocopter Gyrocopter
XPM 5155532160 1,021Adroit.Mac storm_spirit Storm Spirit
Kills 5153776772 22DMG.xy- puck Puck
Deaths 5155704307 15Adroit.cml lich Lich
Assists 5152446889 34Adroit.cml vengefulspirit Vengeful Spirit
KDA with 0 deaths 5152775487 23Apollo."9966" rattletrap Clockwerk
KDA with 1+ deaths 5154095175 30RNG.Monet faceless_void Faceless Void
Gold Earned 5155704307 51,270DMG.Solan puck Puck
Last hits 5152648536 791Blaze.11 naga_siren Naga Siren
Damage to heroes 5155293217 58,576RNG.Monet gyrocopter Gyrocopter
Damage to buildings 5152648536 20,549DMG.䄧 life_stealer Lifestealer
Hero healing 5155622239 19,261Adroit.Boomy wisp Io
Damage taken from heroes 5153110365 53,915TSpirit.Ergon meepo Meepo
Efficiency on lane 5155532160 1.08DMG.xy- templar_assassin Templar Assassin
Observer wards placed 5155704307 27DMG.X^ keeper_of_the_light Keeper of the Light
Sentries placed 5155704307 42DMG.X^ keeper_of_the_light Keeper of the Light
Obs Wards destroyed 5155704307 10Adroit.cml lich Lich
Map pings 5155293217 194RNG.Monet gyrocopter Gyrocopter
Stuns 5152648536 180.63DMG.xy- obsidian_destroyer Outworld Devourer
Couriers killed by a player 5155293217 4DMG.Solan bounty_hunter Bounty Hunter
Couriers killed in match 5153857022 7
Roshan kills in match 5152879375 4
Networth stomp by a team 5152648536 25,408
Networth comeback by a team 5155704307 19,881
Closest match 5155367386 5,528
Longest match 5155704307 1:05:54
Shortest match 5152594297 24:28
Kills Combined 5155704307 84
Bloodbath 5154095175 1.99
Player with Widest Hero Pool 11Adroit.Mac
Player with Smallest Hero Pool 2Blaze.快乐dodo
Team with Widest Hero Pool 37Dota My Goal (DMG)
Team with Smallest Hero Pool 14Team Spirit (TSpirit)
This section contains data about highest or lowest values across all matches.